Welcome to Kingston


Spend time in Kingston!  A picturesque little town located on Washington’s Sanctuary Shore, and the place to start your visit to the North Kitsap Peninsula.

ADVENTURE  begins at Kingston COVE where fishing, crabbing and a variety of water activities beckon on a sparkling summer day.    

FOREST trails in abundance at Heritage Park guarantee a great hiking or biking experience, and a place for reflection, during a peaceful walk, awaits you on the fern laden trails of Quiet Place Park.

Enjoy a little bit of Kingston at home after visiting the Saturday Kingston Cove Farmer’s Market, where music, farm fresh fruits and vegetables, food vendors, fresh baked goods and local artisans offer their wares.

Concerts on the Cove, Wine and Art Walks , a 4th of July Parade topped off with a fabulous fireworks display and eateries to satisfy your cravings at many restaurants, pubs, coffee and ice cream shops are yours to choose from in Kingston.  A spectacular golf course, a Movie Theater inside a firehouse, Art and Photography Studio’s are just a few of the many places to visit in the lively little town of Kingston.

Explore Kingston, where your adventure begins in the Forest, at the Cove, or in the charming downtown area within walking distance of the Port.  Come Visit!